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Verdi Alliance Group of Companies

With more than 100 years of combined leadership experience in concrete construction, the Verdi Alliance Group of Companies continues to lead the industry in innovative thinking and first rate service.

We Are Verdi Alliance Group of Companies

Company Overview

Verdi Alliance Group of Companies, comprised of many distinct divisions and backed by decades of experience and expertise, are leaders in concrete solutions. Expedient, sensible, and committed to excellence, the Verdi Alliance Group of Companies holds themselves and their team of skilled professionals to a superior standard, guaranteeing success and satisfaction. With over a century of combined experience and expertise in concrete construction, the Verdi Alliance Group of Companies continues to lead the industry in innovation, satisfaction, and first rate service. Working in every field from restoration to new construction, the Verdi Alliance Group is in  possession of full in-house resources and capabilities to complete any concrete project in the residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. To date, the company has proudly completed projects totalling over two billion dollars in revenue.


Verdi Inc. Forming was founded in 1970. After experiencing great success in the residential concrete forming sector, the company built their lasting reputation as leaders and experts in the concrete industry. In 2004, Verdi Inc. Forming and Alliance Group of Companies united to create Verdi Alliance Group of Companies, expanding to include reputable divisions such as Alliance Forming Ltd., Alliance Waterproofing Ltd. in 2006, Alliance Floor Finishing Ltd. in 2007, and Alliance Restoration Ltd in 2008. The company continued its expansion with the addition of Alliance Verdi Civil Inc. in 2008, in 2009 with Alliance Site Construction, in 2010 with Scott Forest Products Ltd., in 2014 with Alliance Verdi USA and Parrhill Financial Services Ltd., in 2019 with Consolidated Shotcrete Solutions and Paramount Alliance, and in 2021 with Bellai Construction. Each expansion is a reflection of the company’s commitment to advancement and excellence.


Verdi Alliance Group of Companies is unwavering in its commitment to the safety of its employees. As skilled, trained, and capable people are the greatest asset of any organization, Verdi Alliance provides and mandates an extensive safety training program that ensures all staff are trained to uphold a level of hazard recognition far above industry standard.

Led by Patricia Vilarinho-Randazzo, Verdi Alliance’s team of safety professionals assists and instructs team members on the implementation of Health and Safety programs and procedures. The in-depth instruction includes on-site training for new employees, ongoing and regularly updated training courses for current employees, and weekly site audits. Theses programs, in collaboration with the dedicated efforts of the Health and Safety department, contribute toward creating and maintaining a zero incident, zero tolerance, and zero lost time workplace.

At minimum, all members of the Verdi Alliance staff are trained in both Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and working at heights. All Verdi Alliance work sites include personnel trained in fall arrest rescue, First Aid, and CPR.

Verdi Alliance subscribes to the notion that sustaining a safe work environment is a group effort; all employees are thus encouraged to take a proactive and precautionary approach on and off the job site



Patricia Vilarinho-Randazzo

Health & Safety Director